Vision and Mission
Our Vision    

Washington County is a community where generosity and civic engagement are valued and practiced by all people to the common good. 

Our Mission

Marietta Community Foundation, by serving as manager and distributor of donated funds, supports philanthropy and the efforts of citizens to improve natural, human and civic resources. An advocate for a strong and active sense of community, the Foundation is attentive to today's needs, yet attuned to tomorrow's opportunities. 

Core Values

Power of Philanthropy

We respect the power of philanthropy to transform lives and shape the course of Washington County’s destiny.

We hold sacred the intentions of donors and respect the worth of their vision.

Service and Stewardship

We take our job seriously, maintaining the highest standards of integrity in donor relations, community service, institutional governance, and fiscal management.

We do not alter from our mission nor lose sight of our vision.

We engage in action that promotes the common good. We commit ourselves to fully embrace that calling for as long as the need exists.


We honor the contributions of those who have worked tirelessly in the past to ensure the well-being of the Washington County area, and pledge to support those who will carry on that legacy.



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